Automatic Cocktail vending machine with QR Payment

The consistency and accuracy is the key to craft a flavorful drink needs the suitable amount of ingredients. For instance, cocktail, coffee, and etc. Mixing the right amount of ingredient is not very hard task for small portion. However, if you planned to mix the beverage for many people like in the party, obviously this is the tedious job to do for human because you need to precisely measure all of the ingredient to all portion. Other than that, some beverage has different types of it. For the coffee, cappuccino requires 2 part of milk with 1 part of espresso, latte requires 3 part of milk with 1 part of espresso. Therefore, our main project’s objective is to facilitate users to mix variety of beverage type with the right amount of ingredient using embedded system board and other necessary hardware.

Beverage vending machine explanation video (Thai).

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Project site: https://maxmacstn.wordpress.com/2019/04/12/diy-cocktail-machine/